Crisis Management: Everybody's Business

The Unthinkable Has Happened:
• Embezzled funds; the press demands details
• Plant accident results in fatalities
• Hurricane shuts down operations
• Environmentalists are at your door...60 Minutes is on the way
• Scandal at the top; rumors run rampant

What Do You Do?
In today's business world, operating without a crisis plan is a BIG mistake — and all too common. Your company's future may depend on how effectively management anticipates the unexpected. The recent experiences of Exxon, Union Carbide and Dow Corning prove the point: No one is insulated from disaster. You may not be able to prevent a crisis, but you can manage it and introduce control.

When the News is Bad:
• There is virtually no limit to your organization's vulnerability.

The Good News Is:
• You can learn to recognize patterns in nearly every level of emergency.
• You can promote a media relations policy which stresses candor, honesty and rumor control.
• You can prepare a simple, workable, crisis management chart.
• You can rehearse the role of each member of your crisis management team BEFORE a crisis occurs.
• You can feel confident that you'll know what to do and what to say when emergencies arise.

More Good News:
• Professional help is available. Trainers, crisis planners and media advisors all have the know-how to set the stage for action.
   Some firms even call in acting troupes to rehearse potential scenarios.
• Your company needn't be at the mercy of the fates.

We can't predict the future; but you can get started right away to develop a detailed, workable plan for dealing with emergencies... before it's too late. RKB


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