Let the Ideas Flow — Brainstorming Can Bring Out Your Best

Need marketing ideas for a new product? Don’t know how best to communicate a new business initiative?
There’s no need to act alone! Brainstorming is a group activity dedicated to the principle that many minds are better than one.

The beauty of brainstorming is its simplicity. Just follow these six simple steps to a productive
brainstorming session:

1. Designate a leader. This person should facilitate ideas without limiting participation or enthusiasm.
2. Invite participants with a wide range of backgrounds and points of view.
3. Assign a recorder to write ideas where all can see them.
4. Decide on a time limit — enough time so that the group can warm up, but short enough to prevent dropping out.
5. Identify the central problem or idea.
6. Explain the ground rules:
There are no bad ideas! — When a teammate has a fresh idea on how to accomplish a project, give it a chance. “Nutty” ideas may
   lead to the perfect solution.
Let the ideas flow — This is a time where people don’t need to “take turns.”
Stay true to your team — Acknowledge team members who contribute. Give credit to all participants, not just the most vocal. RKB


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